This is a Linux 2.2 box which acts as an apache webserver, ftp, mail and DNS server. It also runs SSH. Our parent site is lab6.com. We proudly run PHP and mod_perl.

Access to this system is restricted to a few UK-based ISPs, with the exception of apache, sendmail and bind.

The system acts as a secondary DNS server for leguin, and hosts various web sites. It also supplies incoming and outgoing email and usenet access to our users. The system itself is running a AMD K6-2 300Mhz chip, with a 128mb DIMM and a 10gb IDE hard drive. It is built on a "RaQ" case and motherboard, supplied by Sun Microsystems. Bandwidth is supplied by C&W INS. The system went live in June 2000, and has continued to provide services for people we know since then, on a non-profit basis. Lab6.com has been around since 1998.

All software running here is manually compiled, with both preprocessed and runtime stack and format string error processing to help stop security problems before they occur.

"Bye-Bye Johnny"

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